Commercial Air Conditioner Tune Up

Air Conditioner Tune-Ups

Cooling systems are an expensive and important business investment. Proper maintenance, including professional air conditioner tune-ups, can be the difference between minor upkeep and costly repairs and replacement. Precision Climate provides superior Ann Arbor air conditioner tune-ups to ensure that your system is functioning properly.

Our Ann Arbor Air Conditioner Tune-Up Services

Precision Climate’s experienced technicians will perform an extensive inspection including:

  • Air filter inspection
  • Condensate drain cleaning
  • Evaporator coil inspection
  • Wiring inspection
  • Condenser fan testing
  • Refrigerant cycle pressure testing
  • Condenser coil inspection

Avoid costly repairs with Precision Climate’s professional air conditioner tune-up service. Contact us today to schedule your Ann Arbor air conditioner tune-up.

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